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Monday, September 11, 2006

Blogmusik - The Site to listen to quality Songs for free

Blogmusik.net is a site that lets users search for songs and play them (streaming) immediately via a Flash player that looks like an iPod. Use does not require registration. However, if you create an account you can also save songs and create playlists. The library is quite extensive - I was listening to Eminem, Dido, Metallica and Enrique earlier this morning and it seemed to have just about everything I was searching for.

The sound quality was simply superb!! The playlist is also cool.

I have the feeling, based on the fact that there is absolutely no information about any licensing deal or even basic company information, that this is an unauthorized use of copyrighted material. I suspect that the library is simply a very large music collection sitting on a server with a nice looking Flash UI tacked on. See the comments below for additional information. It certainly is fun, but I can’t imagine it will be making the RIAA and its worldwide counterparts very happy. Enjoy it while it lasts.

The service has an associated blog here, and Myspace page here.