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Friday, September 15, 2006

How to avoid windows genuine advantage(WGA) checks - Insiders Guide

MuBlinder is a sweet little tool that requires the net framework to function. It is capable of doing lots of things and I think it is best to list only the most interesting ones. First, it can bypass the validation check for Internet Explorer 7, Media Player 11, Windows Defender and Microsoft Private Folders. The software is able to remove the WGA Notification, can run at startup and make sure that validation and notification status is active.

Basically it offers you the ability to download and install every software and update from Microsoft without WGA checks and is updated regulary to keep pace with the updates from Microsoft. You are free to create workarounds in the software but this should be to complex for normal users.

Is it legal ? I honestly can’t answer the question for you. If you are in doubts do not download the software and use it. I’am merely linking to the freeware, what you do with this information is up to you.

Download link : http://www.p2plife.com/forums/Official_muBlinder_Page-t320.html


  1. Anonymous said,

    "YES"!~ I've got a legit copy of xp, but I had to reinstall to many times, they wont give me a new code without calling 1800rulegit (nice way to treat a former employee hu?) Needless to say this rocks! I just hope that M$ doesn't shut it down.

    on 9/24/2006 5:51 AM