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Thursday, September 07, 2006

How to dual boot Windows Vista RC1 and Windows XP

Microsoft released a first release candidate of their upcoming Microsoft Vista operating systems a few days ago. I don´t think it´s wise to install a beta version of a microsoft os as your main operating system:dual booting is the solution. You want to experience Vista and still be able to return to XP or whatever other operating system you are using ? Fine, follow this easy to understand guide to dual booting.

First, download Vista release candidate from the official microsoft website and get your key. Second, get the gparted live cd from sourceforge. Use gparted to create a second primary partition. Vista apparently needs a primary partition and wont install on others. Make sure you assign enough disk space to that partition, recommended is at least 20 Gigabyte of Hard Disk space.

If everything works out you now have a second primary partition which is ready for windows vista. Reboot your machine and load Windows Xp once again. Now run the windows vista setup again and chose your newly created partition as the target for the operating system.

Once the installation is finished you should see a bootup manager after turning on your computer.

The installation should be similar if you are running linux instead of xp. Just use the live cd and create a primary partition and install vista. (boot and setup from burned dvd if you are running linux).

source: lifehacker


  1. Anonymous said,

    Weird. in my install, my Vista bootloader doesnt show up. I have a 250G disk split to 4 parts- (3) 30 gig for os's and one 140 gig for files and whatnots. I have XP on C: and have Vista RC1 on D: when I installed, it just went to Vista, no bootloader appeared. I thought it was strange but didnt know if I had mussed something up during Vistas install. This didnt happen before with a past beta release of Vista, I was greeted quite nicely then by Vistas bootmanager. I can change my active part and boot into XP w/ no probs, but cannot get Vistas bootmngr to come up, so i have to change active partitions to boot into either. Weird indeed.

    on 9/24/2006 1:57 PM

  2. Same here. Control Panel > System > Startup (the boot.ini) shows only "Windows Vista"

    on 10/07/2006 1:49 PM