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Friday, September 08, 2006

Record every visited webpage in your computer

Internet Explorer users beware: Stealth Web Page Recorder is a little add on for internet explorer that records every visited webpage including every action on that website like entering passwords, forms, emails and account numbers. The add on can’t be spotted in the task manager nor in advanced tools like process explorer, it is a so called BHO - Browser Helper Object.

To check if this add on is running on your system click on tools - manage add ons. If SWL Plugin Class appears it is already installed on your system. It is very easy to spy upon another user if stealh web page recorder is installed on the system. AntiVir Guard warns you if you download / install the tool on your system and I suppose that most other antivirus tools will detect the BHO as well. I’am not sure if they will warn the user once it is installed, this remains to be tested.

The best protection against such programs would be to switch to a browser that is more secure like firefox or opera. Both are better, faster and more secure than the current internet explorer.