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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fedora Core 6 to be delayed yet again

More bad news from the Fedora Project team, Jesse Keating has announced in a press release that they ran into some more bugs with Fedora Core 6 release and they will have to postpone it for a couple of days: "Over the weekend we ran into a few more bugs with Fedora Core 6 that we decided were important enough to fix. There were some multilib compose issues (wrong packages landing in the wrong dirs), some translation files that would cause tracebacks in things like anaconda (whoops), and a fedora-release package that forgot to enable updates (double whoops). For these reasons and a few others, we decided to respin the release candidate tree and push the release date out another couple of days.

I want to thank you all for playing along and helping us to make FC6 the best release yet!"

The Fedora Project team plans to spin a release candidate this evening with some last minute fixes, and start the sync. "We're planning to release on Thursday Oct 19th." - says Jesse Keating, but then, he continues with the bad news: "If things blow up horribly and we have to spin again tomorrow, depending on what time we have to respin we may slip until next week, as releasing on Fridays or Mondays gets you the wrath of the mirror admins (:"

I am just waiting for this release from a loooooooooong time (http://jsbi.blogspot.com/2006/10/fedora-core-6-to-be-delayed.html).