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Friday, October 06, 2006

Google Universal Gadgets for your website released

Google aims to spread pieces all over the Internet with the unveiling of Google Universal Gadgets. In all, in excess of 1,220 Google dynamic applications crumbs are waiting to be integrated on web pages as the search giant has opened the service beyond homepages and desktops. The Google applets are in fact widget frameworks, created with HTML, XML and JavaScript.

"Now anyone can have a great-looking website with automatically updating content," said Adam Sah, Google Gadgets Architect. "By making Google Gadgets available for you to add to your webpage, we're working to connect developers with enthusiastic consumers and to make information universally accessible and useful to the individual user."

On the Google Gadgets For Your Webpage, the applications are divided into eight categories: News, Tools, Communications, Fun & Games, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle and Technology. And the Mountain View Company is also inviting users to be creative.

“The Google Gadgets API is a simple way to create content and applications that run on multiple Google products, including Personalized Homepage, Desktop, and Pages. With Google Gadgets For Your Page, most gadgets can run on any web page. In most cases, you can write the gadget once and have it work everywhere, with absolutely no changes. The Google Gadgets API is so easy to use that you can develop your first gadget in 5 minutes, and it's easy to turn existing web content into a gadget. There is no special signup, and nothing you need to download,” stated Google.

Gadgets can be found for your webpages at http://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open


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