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Monday, October 16, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 and IE 7 to be released this week

We've been waiting for them, beta after beta and through release candidate stages. And now Microsoft has announced the official release dates for Windows Media Player and IE 7. The anticipation building around Internet Explorer 7 has been dissipated earlier this month when Microsoft announced that the final version of the browser will be available to the public by the end of October.

“Microsoft Internet Explorer 7and Windows Media Player 11, will be made available in the coming weeks. Windows XP users are encouraged to try the features to get familiar with and excited about these programs now, which will be included in Windows Vista. Internet Explorer 7 will be made available to Windows XP customers via free download in the next two weeks,” said Microsoft.

Well, on October 12, Microsoft made one step forward and revealed that Internet Explorer 7 is due in two weeks time. Theoretically, this means that by October 26, Microsoft will make IE 7 available for download.

Unlike Internet Explorer 7 that has taken the center stage together with Vista, Windows Media Player has somewhat slipped out of view. Out of view, but not out of mind. It comes on October 24.

“Microsoft encourages all Windows XP users to download the new version to explore the browsing experience in Windows Vista and take advantage of the new security features that will help protect them against malicious software and phishing attacks. Windows Media Player 11 will be available via free download beginning Oct. 24 and will enable users to take advantage of an elegant and intuitive user interface, a new level of online store integration, especially with MTV’s URGE service, and improved navigation for larger music libraries,” stated a Microsoft press release.