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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to configure HUAWEI SmartAX MT841 for BSNL Broadband on Fedora6

This is the step by step prodcedure on how to configure BSNL Type IV (MT841) modem for autodial and wireless setup.

First do not insert the WLAN card in to your modem. connect it with supplied LAN cabel or via usb.

Go to your computer eathernet connection setup and change the ip of your eathernet card to the following.

IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

Now in you browser window open up the configuration screen of MT841
in the left side you see the wizard from basic drop down list select connections. Left side you see PVC0 to PVC6 now you only need to change the value of PVC0 to dial up the connection automatically with PPPoE setup. but some how you can not edit the connection of PVC0 by clicking the note icon on the configuration screen. it only let you change the settings for wich the PVC is created and let you delete it. so you need to delete all the PVC in the list. Stat from PVC6 press notes icon and delete.

Do the same process for PVC6 to PVC2 and PVC0 do not delete PVC1 untill you create new PVC.

now press the new button and create new PVC specify following parametere in the PVC

WAN Type : PPPoE
VPI/VCI : 0/35
Encapsulation : LLC
Default Route : Enable
User Name : <Your User Name>
Password : <your password >
use DNS : Enable

now click on apply. It will show new PVC and it display it as PVC1 now delete PVC0 from the list and start create remaining PVC for your connection by pressing new.

All PVC shoud have following property.

Wan Type : Bridge
Encapsulatino : LLC

and for VPI/VCI follo this steps

PVC1 : 8 /35
PVC2 : 0 /100
PVC3 : 0 /32
PVC4 : 8 /81
PVC5 : 8 / 32
PVC6 : 14 / 24

now you have created all the PVC's with you dialer configured at PVC1

go to advanced select Firewall and select enable.
go to DNS selct Ebable and put following value in the dns

Primary DNS :
Secondry DNS :

save your change and reboot the router.

After reboot you should be automatically connect to the internet without dialing PPPoE dialer from the computer. now turn off the router and connect the WLAN Card to the router and disconnect the LAN cabel from the modem and computer. after you see the WLAN light on in the router stat your WIFI connection from computer or modem to search for availabe network and you will be connected to the net.


  1. Unknown said,

    Hi your way of explaining to config mt841 was damn good, since i had real prob since bsnl did not do it for me.

    Sincerly hope & appreciate that many would benefit from ur blog

    on 12/07/2006 7:20 AM

  2. Unknown said,

    Hi I am Raghu from Rajasthan.I desperately need your help.

    I have a Desktop with LAN and Laptop with WLAN.

    How may I configure the router so I can use internet on both computer at same time. Both computers connect properly with router.

    I had tried everything but i am completely helpless.

    on 12/16/2006 8:23 AM

  3. Unknown said,

    Raghu, switch off your firewalls (windows XP or Norton Securities or whatever you have.) and then retry connecting. It worked for me.

    Also make sure you are having "Obtain an Ip address automatically" in the connection properties for:
    1. Desktop PC - Lan Connection
    2. Laptop PC - WLan Connection

    If it works then try configuring your firewall to trust traffic coming in and out from network.

    If it doesn't work, there must be some other problem.

    Plz drop your comment if it worked or not as there a lot of our other friends may be facing same kinda problem. Also, i want to make sure that this is the correct way to do it :)

    on 12/20/2006 1:16 AM

  4. Jason S said,

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Hope it helps Raghu.

    Jason S

    on 12/20/2006 9:38 AM

  5. cloud9ine said,

    hi. does anyone know the default username and password for the smartax mt841 web interface..?

    on 1/06/2007 12:06 PM

  6. Anonymous said,

    yup i do..!!
    the username:admin

    hope this helped u!

    on 1/09/2007 9:42 AM

  7. S said,

    Hi. How do we configure 2 pcs thro this modem as a LAN using the cable? I am havin trouble sharing the devices.

    on 1/20/2007 7:03 PM

  8. Yash said,

    Hi Jason,

    Thanx for the help.. it worked at first time itself... you saved lot of time...


    on 1/26/2007 9:40 PM

  9. Jason S said,

    Hi Shashank,

    Nice to hear that.

    Jason S

    on 1/28/2007 12:35 AM

  10. vivek uniyal said,

    how many computer connect with 841 wifi network

    on 2/06/2007 6:25 PM

  11. vivek uniyal said,

    how many system connect with MT841 WiFi Network

    on 2/06/2007 6:28 PM

  12. Anonymous said,

    I'am Sunil from Bangalore.
    I have got BSNl type-4 Modem. Do I need a purchase any seperate router for this,can U pls suggest any one Reliable Router for me .

    Thanks in Advance

    on 2/16/2007 10:10 AM

  13. Unknown said,

    I'am Sunil from Bangalore.
    I have got Type- 4 BSNL Modem. Do I need to purchase a Router for Wireless Access for my Laptop as In the link http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm#modemtype it specifies that Type- 1V Modem as got 4 Ethernet ports and 1 Wi-Fi Port.
    If I need to purchase the Router can U pls suggest any Reliable roouter.

    Thanks in Advance

    on 2/16/2007 11:54 AM

  14. Jason S said,

    Hi Sunil,

    What is the reason you are looking for a router?

    Is it because of Wifi?

    Jason S

    on 2/16/2007 1:23 PM

  15. Unknown said,

    Hi Jason

    My Understanding is I need to connect from the BSNL Phone jack - Modem and then to Router
    But when I saw the specification of Typ- IV Modem, I felt that I can go without any Router, as the Modem has InBuilt Wi-Fi Port.
    Pls correct me If I'am wrong.


    on 2/16/2007 2:13 PM

  16. Anonymous said,

    where do i get a manual (pdf format or something) for the CLI (telnet) interface of smartax mt841.

    the firmware updates are not so easily locatable on the huawei.com site could anyone please provide alternate download sources.

    many of the times after a restart, the default user password is reset back and on bsnl network restartin is somewhat daily routine. also after soft restart (using the web interface), any extra users i add to the system are removed. any extra DNS servers i add are removed...although there are apparently 8 slots. also despite disabling the webserver, it gets enabled again.
    these are all countering the basic security measures.
    any similar experiences and workarounds?

    on 2/19/2007 1:25 PM

  17. Unknown said,

    I was doing some R& D to connect my Laptop to Internet using WLAN with the manual provided by Huwei. But now the LED at the LINK/ACT is blinking in Green color but not changing to Orange. So I have lost my Net connection itself,with the modem connected through Ethernet port.
    Can Anyone pls let me know how to fix it this.

    on 2/20/2007 9:01 AM

  18. Anonymous said,

    Hi Jason,

    Is it specific to Fedora or can we follow the same steps for Windows as well?


    on 3/04/2007 8:11 AM

  19. Jason S said,

    Hi Farooq,

    I don't think so. It should work in most Linux flavor's I guess.

    Jason S

    on 3/04/2007 1:27 PM

  20. hi how do i undo all the stuff you have mentioned... the modem is working fine... i just want tit back to the old setting.. can you guve a step by step procedure

    on 3/04/2007 6:09 PM

  21. Jason S said,

    Hi Srinath,

    Just hit the RESET button on your Modem.

    P.S: Read the Modem's Instructor's manual before doing this.

    Jason S

    on 3/04/2007 7:40 PM

  22. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and research.

    By the way it looks like the Huawei device does not configure from safari. I was unable to create new PVC settings with Safari. For some reason IE7 did not work properly either.

    I had to switch to Firefox to make it work.

    Finally I have wifi up and running.

    Thank you again.

    on 3/16/2007 8:09 AM

  23. Vivek said,

    this tutorial is awesome. everything went fine except the dns setting. thankfully i had copied my current dns. wireless rocked after restoring to correct values.
    thanks Jason.

    on 4/25/2007 8:06 PM

  24. Jason S said,

    Hi Vivek,

    Nice to know that it helped.


    on 4/25/2007 10:01 PM

  25. Mayur M said,

    Hi Folks,

    I need some help on configuring MT841.
    I have 2 machines:
    1. Desktop with no LAN card. I connect my modem using USB.
    2. Laptop with ethernet card.

    Earlier I used to connect to internet/modem on my desktop with USB.

    Now I have configured the modem/router I was able to use wireless on my laptop. Thanks to Jason :) However, my desktop is now not able to connect to internet.

    I dunno what I need to do to make both things work. Shoould I make any changes in the IP settings of my desktop?

    on 4/30/2007 5:27 PM

  26. Anonymous said,

    Any clues on PVC settings for airtel ?

    on 5/01/2007 11:53 PM

  27. Anonymous said,

    Is any new driver required for configuring this MT841 for BSNL broadbanad on a laptop having Vista Operating System?-

    Karthi, Coimbatore

    on 5/04/2007 2:39 PM

  28. Jason S said,

    Yes Karthi - you will need Vista compatible drivers.


    on 5/04/2007 2:45 PM

  29. Pon Ragu said,

    Thank yaar...
    It is very informative...

    on 5/05/2007 9:49 PM

  30. Anonymous said,

    i have n93i phone .. i need to connect via wifi ..gotta bsnl connection with huawei wa 1003A modem ...it asks for wep key ..i tried everything bu the wi fi on my phoen does not wrk some one help

    on 5/08/2007 5:32 PM

  31. Anonymous said,

    Dear sir
    thanks for ur step by step config explanation. After following them now my mt841 modem is workin fine with ethernet cable (without dialing) , however my wlan isnt workin. when i try searchin using the wlan settin in laptop its not dedectin. Kindly advice.

    on 5/24/2007 7:46 PM

  32. gr8msvk said,

    I need to know how to configure MT841 to connect manually. WHen my modem was installed my windows failed to create a manual connection. So it was configured for autodial (by BSNL techs). I would like to make it to connect manually.

    please help...

    on 5/29/2007 9:33 PM

  33. Unknown said,

    Hi Jason, as it seems you have been quite helpful to everyone. Your step by step guide is quite helpful and the autodial works for me. But i am still not able to make the wireless connection run. Do i need to insert a WLAN card in the modem, if yes than how to install it( drivers).

    on 6/02/2007 9:24 AM

  34. Anonymous said,

    hi jason,
    i'm having a weird problem with smartAX MT841. The LED under the label LINK first is green and then turns orange(normal), but then the orange light starts blinking(abnormal)! What is this? is it a problem or does it mean something???

    on 6/06/2007 7:37 PM

  35. T J Joseph said,

    I am quite a novice in these matters.
    I have a MT 841 from BSNL to which I have connected a desktop and a laptop. Both work quite fine independently and simultaneously, and I am able to surf from either computer.

    Now I want to transfer files / data between the two computers. Can I do this by effectively using the MT 841 LAN configuration? If so, how do I do it?

    on 6/07/2007 7:37 AM

  36. Ankit said,

    Hey hi Jason,

    I have been searching for the wireless card driver which came with this mt841 modem from bsnl. Can you plz give me link to download the driver.

    And 1 mistake you made in the above post, you wrote " insert WLAN card in router" it should be "in your laptop".

    Plz help waiting for your reply

    on 6/07/2007 5:05 PM

  37. Anonymous said,

    i am still unable to connect this way. please let me know...
    i done every step correctly. and cross-check many times.. after this steps and reboot. my modem(router) shows orange light at the link place (where it was yello before) and when i check modem configure page in browser it shows connected.. but i cannot view or connect to net.
    no website opens. it gives error saying invalid address.
    my second query is i want to connect to net through lan cable and also want to connect my p990i with wifi .please tell me details.
    waiting for your response. thanks/

    on 6/12/2007 7:28 PM

  38. Taral said,

    Hello jason,

    I am in real trouble. I do have bsnl broadband at my home in india and skype SMC wifi phone. But, i dont know how to start the wifi of the Huawei Smart AX MT 841. Do i need to have anything besides the phone.

    reply me at taralsharma@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

    on 6/21/2007 2:34 AM

  39. Immy said,

    Hi Jason...
    Gotta say... really nice work there :)

    I have bsnl broadband, with mt841 modem. Not able to connect to the net on ubuntu 7.04. The status shows its connected, but actually it isn't. Any solution's?

    Thank you.

    on 7/19/2007 5:31 PM

  40. Unknown said,

    Hello Friends,
    Although the document is very helpful, but I am facing problem when I have configured my modem MT841 to autodialing mode, actually we've connected this modem to a switch directly and the IP range is set to 155.40.*.* and the modems IP is but the problem arrising is that the ping response time increases and it is >100ms but it should be less than 1ms, since located in LAN.

    when I've checked this modem in single PC then it is working fine. well I am unable to detect what is the problem and where the problem lies.

    Please revert me shortly....

    Hoping for favorable reply....
    Please reply in sourabh@acerefractories.com

    Thanks in Advance.....

    Sourabh Basak

    on 7/26/2007 9:13 AM

  41. Ananyaz said,

    Hi Jason,

    Great info here on your blog!

    I was just wondering if you would have some idea on how to connect a SmartAXMT841 to a cable broadband wireless router Belkin54G.

    Below are the details :

    Basically I have a Huawaii SmartAXMT841 which connects to a broadband service through a phone line. I have to enter an authentication (userid / pwd) each time I connect to the net from my connect to ISP icon.

    I want to connect this device to a Belkin54G wireless router I already own .

    The problem I am facing is that the Belkin 54G wireless router will need to pass the authentication for the Huawaii SmartAXMT841 (in order to connect to the ISP's domain). I am not being able to set this up as there are no documents available which show how SmartAXMT841 can be internally configured to store the user / id and password information and can be connected to a wireless router without any gateway hassles.

    Can I build in my ISP authentication within the Huawaii SmartAXMT841 so that my Belkin54G automatically passes the ISP gateway?

    It would be great if you can offer some advice on the same. You can send me an email on guha_ananya@yahoo.com or just reply to this comment.

    Thanks a lot in advance !


    on 9/24/2007 3:19 PM

  42. Jason S said,

    Hi Ananya,

    I am not very sure how this problem can be solved - since I no longer use this model of modem.

    I guess when you logon to your modem's interface (IP or you will have an option to type your userid/pwd and save it.

    Can someone who uses this model give the correct procedure.


    on 9/24/2007 3:31 PM

  43. Ananyaz said,

    Thanks a lot Jason ! Will try this..

    on 9/25/2007 10:46 AM

  44. Anonymous said,

    Thanks a lot Jason!!!

    Your article really helped.

    Our Best wishes are with you

    on 11/27/2007 3:48 PM

  45. Anonymous said,


    I have MT841 modem.

    I have configured autodial mode and i can browse internet without any problem.

    But i have no idea how to enable WLAN in MT841. Two WLAN LED lights are dead always.

    Do i need to install any wireless card for my Router?? My Laptop supports WLAN as i can browse in my office.

    I couldn't find much help on this.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    on 12/10/2007 11:12 PM

  46. Thanks Jason

    on 1/23/2008 9:56 PM

  47. Anonymous said,

    HI This is NIshant i configured the wireless router using ur intructions and it worked but for some reasons the connection keeps dropping every now and then. Works fine with cable but drops wen connected wireless. PLease HELP

    on 2/26/2008 3:06 PM

  48. Manu said,

    Hi Jason ...

    Need lil help on setting SmartAX MT841 modem on Ubuntu. I'm connecting SmartAX to my comp using USB and I can see network conn UP, but whn IP is assigned and try to ping gateway it says host not reachable. I just doubt if I need to install some kind of drivers for the modem... whats your say ?

    Awaiting for ur response ..


    on 2/27/2008 12:22 AM

  49. Jason S said,

    Hi Manu,

    I guess there is a problem with the settings. Check if all the settings are right for the modem.

    Maybe you should first try if the internet connection is working fine on another system - Windows and then try this.

    I doubt any driver issues. BTW, which kernel are u using?


    on 2/27/2008 9:40 AM

  50. Anonymous said,


    i think in u r office u r using a IP address and at home the modem is by default configured as a DHCP. so u can remove the IP address and try with DHCP.


    on 3/10/2009 8:51 PM

  51. Natasha said,

    Hi Jason,

    I have MT841 modem.

    I have configured autodial mode and i can browse internet without any problem.

    But,how do i enable WLAN in MT841. Two WLAN LED lights are always off.
    My Laptop has wireless and is a vista.

    I would really be glad if you could help me..

    on 11/02/2009 4:38 PM

  52. varun said,

    hey jason,

    i have an iphone..
    i also hav bsnl broadband connection wid huawei smartAXMT841 modem connected to my pc n da connection works fine

    also da WLAN led is alwz on n i can also detect wifi on my iphone wid full signal
    but it doesnt get connected:(
    pls help!!!

    on 3/28/2010 4:16 PM

  53. Jason S said,

    Hey Varun,

    It's some issue with the iPhone buddy... I had a friend's iPhone for a few hours and even his refused to connected to my local wifi setup.

    I reasoned out that the iPhone didnot have a manual connect feature where you can specify the authentication type (WEP/WPA).


    on 3/29/2010 8:37 AM

  54. varun said,

    no buddy

    my iphone connects well wid oda WIFIs..
    also i hav a psp n a n95 phn
    both show same problem
    da signal is full..it shows as connected but it actually isnt i.e.
    u cannot connect to da net

    on 3/29/2010 11:39 AM

  55. Jason S said,

    @Varun - I guess the problem ten is with the firewall or any anti-virus software that you have set.

    on 3/29/2010 12:47 PM

  56. Bharath said,

    This tip worked for me when I was struggling to get mt841 integrated with linksys wrt54gl wireless. Thanks!!

    on 4/11/2010 1:58 AM