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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How to install Windows Media Player 11(WMP 11) without any WGA(Windows Genuine Advantage) checks

After the overwhelming response I got for my previous two posts:
  1. How to install Internet Explorer 7(IE 7) without any WGA checks and
  2. Avoid WGA checks to install New Microsoft Software (using MS Tool Orca)

I got a lot of mails asking for any similar way to install the cool new Windows Media Player 11 without any WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) checks and here's the perfectly working solution.

Once you double-click the executable that you downloaded it asks for a WGA check and will not continue the installation until it was checked for Windows Genuine Advantage.

I have done some research and here is a way that makes it possible to install the software by making a few changes to some registry settings. I found this trick online and it seems to be working fine for both the Media Player 11 installation and also for the Internet Explorer 7 installation.

All you need is the following registry file which you can download at this rather spammy website(mind you) called http://depositfiles.com/files/327845. Once executed you simply start the windows media player 11 for xp installation and it should go through passing the WGA check without problems.

Disclaimer: Suspicious users should check the registry file before they double-click it and make a backup of their registry.


  1. Anonymous said,

    I backed up the registry keys that the new file would overwrite, as a precaution.

    I had no problems installing WMP11 after using this new registry file.


    on 11/19/2006 4:02 PM

  2. Anonymous said,

    Thnx it worked :D !!

    on 11/19/2006 4:31 PM

  3. Anonymous said,

    Thanks alot! this thing was pissing the hell out of me

    on 12/10/2006 3:55 AM

  4. Anonymous said,

    Wow, this is very easy to do! Thank you so much! But the problem now is that the validation of you windows version starts online. So i can't download ie7, i think.

    on 12/16/2006 10:47 PM

  5. Anonymous said,

    I'm sorry what I said 'bout the validation online. It's not true!
    It workes the same as wmp11

    on 12/16/2006 10:57 PM

  6. Anonymous said,

    for some reason it didnt work

    on 1/02/2007 11:13 PM

  7. Anonymous said,

    wow i can belive its worked thanks alot man for the instructions !! il save this page to my web favorites !! this was good one !! keep it updated man !!

    on 1/09/2007 5:54 PM

  8. Anonymous said,

    Windows Media Player 11 is awsome!! thank you sooo much

    on 1/11/2007 7:55 AM

  9. Anonymous said,

    Windows Media Player is Awsome!! Thank you so much!

    on 1/11/2007 7:56 AM

  10. Anonymous said,

    link doesn't work! can anybody send me this file. thanks in advance.

    on 1/28/2007 6:41 PM

  11. Jason S said,

    Try using the method given here: http://jsbi.blogspot.com/2006/10/avoid-wga-checks-to-install-new.html

    And you should be able to install WMP11 without any hiccups :)

    on 1/29/2007 3:15 PM

  12. Anonymous said,

    No file on link! :-(

    on 3/01/2007 3:33 PM