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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Annual Strand Book Fair is on

The Annual Strand Book Fair is on. And if you're looking for a bargain, then you can head towards Chinnaswamy Stadium where it's being held till this weekend.

Rows and rows of books - bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, coffee table books - vie for space in the 4 halls that the book fair has taken over for the duration. I went over the weekend and not surprisingly, the place was packed with people. If you work somewhere in that area, a good idea would be to drop in on a weekday during lunch or tea instead. Otherwise, you'll be jostling for space with another few hundreds book lovers. The aisles being rather narrow (especially on the sides) there's barely place for 2 to walk people side by side. So, be prepared to be pushed around a bit when you're browsing!

The discounts range from 15-50% but you might walk away with a reasonable bargain if you have enough time to look around. The books are arranged according to topics - children, cooking, travel, photography, reference books, fiction, wildlife etc. to make life a little easier. The fiction section is tougher to navigate through as there are books everywhere and not in any particular order. Happy browsing folks!