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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fedora Core 6 Live CD on track

David Zeuthen announced on the fedora-devel-list that it was the time to get more serious about having a LiveCD for Fedora Core 6 along the usual Fedora release processes: "..during the Fedora Summit it was decided that it was time to get more serious with having Live CD's as part of the Fedora release processes. Part of this includes building a Live CD with software from Core 6 and Extras 6. I've created a Wiki page for tracking this work (feel free to contribute)."

The primary goal of this LiveCD will be to do a hard disk install from the CD without requiring network connectivity: "I've got the "install to hard disk" feature done but at this point only as a proof of concept...The plan is to completely integrating Live CD creation into the Fedora release process including daily Live CD builds of Rawhide. Then we can start doing the "install to hard disk" feature." -says David Zeuthen in a recent email. This LiveCD will also contain all the updates of Fedora Core 6 and software from the Extras repository.

Highlights of this LiveCD:

• Read-write rootfs so it's possible to install software while the livecd is running.
• Use SELinux in enforcing mode and other security features by default.
• Stay as close as possible to a normal desktop install.
• Ability to fit on normal CD-ROM and CD-R media (less than 700MB).
• Included best of breed software on the media.
• Make it easy to do a derived livecd with your own repositories, packages and art work.

You can read more about Fedora Core 6 LiveCD here.