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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mouse and Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Keyboard Speed | Mouse Keys | Keyboard Browsing | Copy a File with a Mouse/Keyboard Combo

  • Keyboard Speed
    You can adjust several settings to suit your preference:
    • Repeat rate: A measure of how many times per second that characters are repeated once you've held down the key long enough to begin repeating letters, numbers, or symbols
    • Repeat delay: A measure of how long you must hold down a key before that character repeats
    • Cursor blink rate: This setting doesn't affect your typing speed. Rather, it controls how quickly the cursor blinks on and off
    To access these keyboard settings, choose Start g (Settings g) Control Panel g Keyboard. Next, choose the Speed tab. You'll see slider controls for the three settings. Adjust them as you wish.

  • Mouse Keys
    Have you ever wondered if there was a way to move your mouse pointer around without using your mouse?
    • Go to Start g (Settings g) Control Panel (this must be done before losing the Mouse) and select the Accessibility Options icon
    • Click on the Mouse tab and check the "Use Mouse Keys" option
    • Click OK, and press the Alt + Shift + Num Lock buttons and you can use your numeric keypad to move your pointer instead of a mouse

  • Keyboard Browsing
    You can use the Tab, Shift, and Enter keys to navigate the World Wide Web.
    • Use the Tab key to step through links on a page
    • When a desired link is highlighted, press Enter to go there
    • To step backward through the links (bottom of the page to the top) press Shift + Tab

  • Copy a File with a Mouse/Keyboard Combo
    Drag the file while holding down the CTRL key. A "+" will appear on the icon. When you release the mouse button a copy of the file will be created.