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Saturday, February 17, 2007

How to replace the Windows Clipboard? Ditto - An alternative

The Windows Clipboard is absolutely awful, it lacks so many features that I really do not know where to begin listing them. Ditto on the other hand is an open source replacement for the Windows clipboard that adds functionality to the clipboard function. Ditto makes it easy to save any type of information to the clipboard including the most usual data types such as text, images and code.

Previously saved information can be accessed by double-clicking, using a hotkey or dragging and drooping the entries or using the build in search functionality - either way they can be pasted into any windows that allows basic copy and paste operations. It furthermore makes it possible to sync clipboards over a network making it a very effective tool if you have to work on more than one computer on the same project.

Data that is send over a network will be encrypted to ensure that no one can use the information except the destination. Ditto uses the sqlite database to speed up operations.