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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Watch out for Valentine's Day Flash eCards :: Trojans on the loose

Because today is Valentine's Day, many Internet companies are trying to release love-related products meant to attract users and to increase the traffic of their website. The well known search giant provider Google modified its logo and added a Valentine photo and also released love-related Desktop Gadgets meant to improve the appearance and functionality of the desktop. It's obvious that Valentine's Day represents an important event for all Internet companies because it can improve the number of their visitors as well as their earnings and popularity.

Valentine's Day is not only a love-related day but it also brings a lot of threats for our computer delivered as viruses, malware files or other types of infections. Although there are a lot of security applications that sustain they're able to block these threats, only some of them can detect some kind of infections. Today, it seems that Valentine related viruses can be installed by visiting some love eCards delivered via e-mail messages. The procedure is quite simple: you must click on a malicious link that requires you to install a fake version of Flash Player representing a Trojan file able to download private information.

“It disguises itself as a Valentine's eCard notification. When you click on the link in the e-mail, it will redirect you to a page that asks you to install a fake Macromedia Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player). This fake player is actually a trojan that downloads and installs a BZub variant onto the system. Both files are now detected as Valenavir.A and Bzub.HZ respectively using our latest database updates. So, please be cautious in opening those
Valentine's Day greeting cards,” the F-Secure security company team sustained in a blog post published on the official page of the company.