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Thursday, March 22, 2007

How to Install / Activate Single Copy of Windows Vista on many PCs

Did you know that Windows Vista can legally be installed using a single copy on multiple PCs? Well, microsoft will permit users who have acquired a full or upgrade version of Windows Vista to install the same copy of the operating system on multiple machines. The only catch here is that -- provided that they own all the additional computers. Sounds just too good to be true. Doesn't it? Well, no.... now comes the real picture.

According to the current version of the EULA, customers that have acquired a full or an upgrade license of Windows Vista are permitted to install the operating system on a single PC. Users can transfer Windows Vista to another machine only if they first completely remove the operating system from the PC it was initially installed on. The new Microsoft initiative will enable users to install and activate the same copy of Windows Vista across multiple computers.

Windows Vista requires 1 license per device. When attempting to install and activate the same licensed copy of Windows Vista on another PC, activation won't work. When the activation fails, the user is directed to purchase additional licenses online or by phone. Remember, not properly activating Windows Vista will lead to it running in reduced functionality mode.

The only catch is that Vista customers will have to pay for each of the additional installations of the operating system. Via the Windows Vista Additional License program, Microsoft will allow existing Windows Vista customers to purchase up to 5 additional licenses for just as many PCs. With the five additional licenses, customers will be enabled to deploy a single edition on all other computers they may own. Furthermore, Microsoft will sell these five licenses at a discount price that will be as much as 10% lower compared to the retail price.

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