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Thursday, March 29, 2007

How to run Vista on your Mac easily? Install Boot Camp

Today Boot Camp 1.2 Beta With Windows Vista Support was released by Apple. So this makes it just so easy for you to run Windows Vista in your sweet MAC. The latest version of its popular dual-boot solution, Boot Camp, has a number of significant improvements including the much talked about Vista support.
The updates are as follows:
• Support for Windows Vista (32-bit)
• Updated drivers, including but not limited to trackpad, AppleTime (synch), audio, graphics, modem, iSight camera
• Support the Apple Remote (works with iTunes and Windows Media Player)
• A Windows system tray icon for easy access to Boot Camp information and actions
• Improved keyboard support for Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, and French Canadian
• Improved Windows driver installation experience
• Updated documentation and Boot Camp on-line help in Windows
• Apple Software Update (for Windows XP and Vista)

Not only does this update improve compatibility, but Apple seems to have taken some effort to improve the experience of people running Vista on Macs. From the Remote working with Windows Media Player, to the new system tray that makes interaction with Boot Camp easier, Apple is making sure that the Boot Camp Experience is pleasant and up to the Apple standards on both sides of the boot.

While being great news for Boot Camp users, this update should also put the rumor that Leopard is being delayed to rest. Why anyone imagined that Apple would delay the release of their operating system due to lack of support of a third party OS is unclear. Pre-release version of Vista have been running under Boot Camp for a long time, and it was obvious that Apple would sort out all the issues before Boot Camp goes out of beta.


  1. Paul said,

    BootCamp out of beta is good news.
    Just bought a MacBook Pro earlier this week.
    I want to try Parallels too, I'd rather not have to reboot just to do data entry for QuickBooks for my business.

    I would have bought QuickBooks for Mac except QuickBooks for Mac doesn't have the payroll option like the Windows version does, crazy but true.

    If I don't like Parallels virtualization software, I'll use BootCamp. Heck, knowing me I'll probably try both.

    Thanks for the update on BootCamp, good stuff as usual Jason! ;-)

    What kind of Apple computer are you using?


    on 3/30/2007 7:28 AM

  2. Jason S said,

    Hi Paul,

    Good to know that the article helped you at a time when you have a new MacBook Pro.

    Oops... I didn't know QuickBooks had this strange problem :(
    I too was using QuickBooks sometime back... but now more into SAP!!

    Jason S

    on 3/30/2007 9:39 PM