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Monday, March 19, 2007

Updated Version of iTunes available for download - iTunes 7.1.1

iTunes is surely the most popular audio player for the Mac platforms because it is released by Apple and contains a lot of powerful functions to allow you to organize your audio collection. Besides its audio play functions, iTunes allows you to burn CDs and create libraries with your favorite music. The latest versions of the application provide quick access to the iTunes Music Store, a special Apple product able to distribute new and popular songs through a simple interface.

Because it is the main audio player for numerous Mac systems as well as for a lot of Windows computers, Apple improves the program periodically to resolve the issues reported to the company. Yesterday, Apple released an improved version of the application to correct some minor compatibility problems in the 7.1 version. iTunes 7.1.1 is also more stable because numerous users sustained the application crashed just after the execution of the program.

If you want to update to the latest version of the application, you can download it directly from Apple’s website. The easiest way to download the update of the application is to open your version of iTunes and click on the Check for Updates function. The application will automatically search for the updated version and will ask you to accept the installation of the new edition. iTunes 7.1.1 has 27.5 MB and is installed automatically through the Software Update interface. Although there are no obvious updates, it is recommended to update to this latest version of the program to avoid potential crashes or vulnerability issues.

Both versions for Windows and Mac were updated so, no matter your platform, you should download the improved application.