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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to Disable or Configure Windows Vista Aero in a simple way?

Those of you that have used the high end editions of Windows Vista, already know that the operating system is a tad slower than Windows XP. Responsible for the slow speeds is in par Windows Aero. Even on configurations that satisfy the systems requirements of Aero, there is a trade-off between the special effects and the actual functionality. In this case, there is also a direct impact on the workflow.

Windows Aero can be turned off by navigating to Personalize via the right-click menu on the desktop and the View Color and Appearance > Open classic appearance properties for more color options. In the menu that pops up, users can select Windows Vista Basic graphical user interface.

Additionally, you can right-click Computer and select Properties and then Advanced System Settings in the left menu followed by Performance Settings. You can set up your Windows Vista system for best appearance versus best performance or even customize the effects you want enabled or disabled.