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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Live Search Maps 3D available in Firefox too

Microsoft released an update to its Live Search Maps product yesterday, adding 3D support for Firefox users as well as several new features in its effort to continue building search share in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

In addition to 3D support in Firefox, 16 new cities will now be available in 3D including San Diego, California and Portland, Oregon. Microsoft has also added the functionality to the aerial maps of five UK cities, which include Plymouth, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester, and Wolverhampton.

In select cities where traffic information is available, when a user calls up directions, that data would be overlayed which will negate the need to perform a separate search. Currently, Live Search provides traffic data for about five dozen cities, according to the Live Search site.

For those looking for more information on business listings within Live Search maps, ratings and reviews of those businesses would be included, supplied by third-party sites and fellow users.

An RSS feature will allow users to subscribe to a collection, which will then allow them to receive updates on those collections as they appear.