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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yahoo Lyrics :: Song Lyrics Website from Yahoo to be launched soon!!

Yahoo plans to release a new solution that will attract an important number of users because there are no legal alternatives to this kind of product. Yahoo Lyrics will be especially designed to show the lyrics of more than 400.000 songs in comparison with other websites that are displaying the text without copyright owners' approval. According to MSNBC, Yahoo hopes to represent the biggest licensed database of lyrics because most of the similar pages currently available on the Internet are working without owners' authorization. The new Yahoo product will share the revenues with the providers of the lyrics so the company will obtain the authorization to publish the text with ease. Although the parent company Yahoo plans to promote the upcoming solution, it seems like the biggest investments will come from its own funds as the giant portal wants to display numerous adverts.

The database and licensing deals were cobbled together over the past two years by Gracenote, a digital media management specialist. Gracenote, formerly known as CDDB, is best known for developing technology that automatically recognizes the tracks on compact discs — a feature that is included in Apple Inc.’s widely used iTunes software.

Yahoo Lyrics will include 400.000 songs and more than 9.000 different artists of all times. Until now, almost 100 music publishers announced their contribution to the service, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Warner/Chappel Music being the most important companies on the list. At this time, the number of similar websites is quite huge but the giant portal plans to fight with them using a clean website, without spyware, Trojan files or other infections and only with a small number of advertisements.