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Friday, May 18, 2007

Amsterdam : First 3D city to feature on Google Earth

Google Earth has just released 3D buildings for the entire city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands - Yes you heard it right Entire City of Amsterdam, thereby Amsterdam becomes the first city on Google Earth to be available completely in 3D.

Amsterdam is the first city to be available 100 percent as a Google Earth 3D city. Google Earth has managed to create all the buildings in 3D format. It has designed a number of gray colored building shapes for Amsterdam. As Google Earth Blog has rightly said, the buildings are created in 2.5D view - similar to the other buildings included for many major cities.

The building models are those simple, gray colored, type of models that give you an idea of the size and dimensions of buildings. Just like the 3D buildings that Google Earth first released almost two years ago for 35 US cities, and then later for most of Japan. These buildings will undoubtedly be used for the 2.5D views shown for Google Maps to provide an feel for buildings in major cities.

Do have a look at the video below to get an idea of what I mean't.