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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Complete list of Free Proxy Servers to access Blocked Sites easily

Many a times you are faced with a grim reality of sites being blocked at school/work place. Since I get a lot of questions from many of you as:
  • How to access orkut when it is blocked?
  • Give me a proxy to access myspace
  • Proxy server for gmail
Well, well, well - I have today given a comprehensive list of Free proxy server addresses that you can use to get access to blocked sites.

This is only a list and serves as information. Most proxy sites are filled with Advertisements and crap. So be careful.

Here's the complete list - Hope you find it useful. All are absolutely FREE proxy services. www.safehazard.com and www.safelizard.com also support turning off "no scripts".

Also try
http://proxy.org It has a list of more than 200 proxies across the web which u can use. Some are sorted by Geography too!!

Update :
Indian Proxy Servers :: Complete list of Free Proxy Servers to access Blocked Sites easily

Update on 24/10/2008 : http://www.proxybay.cn
Update 5/05/2009 : Complete list of Free Proxy Servers in India to access Blocked Sites easily


  1. saxenakamal said,

    do any know how u access orkut.. i live in uae.. orkut is blocked here.. was using pagemod.. its block too .. am now am using vtunnel.com but not able send scraps in orkut.. plz advise ..

    on 9/10/2007 4:41 PM

  2. Jason S said,

    Hi Saxena,

    Try the other proxy url's listed above.

    Atleast one of them will work for you.


    on 9/10/2007 4:43 PM

  3. The problem with this is that is that now the people who block the sites know exactly where to look to find new proxies to block.

    on 3/31/2008 7:22 PM

  4. Anonymous said,

    hi... this is varma studying at some college... here orkut and its related sites are completely blocked... hence i request u to giva me an alternative for this.

    on 8/26/2008 6:42 PM

  5. xzy said,

    I am from Saudi Arabia, i would like to know is there anyway i can access orkut, i have tried all the listed proxies, please help

    on 10/14/2008 1:48 AM

  6. Anonymous said,

    Thnx dude

    on 10/16/2008 11:54 PM

  7. Anonymous said,

    Fucking arab, leave fucker.

    on 10/21/2008 1:52 AM

  8. Anonymous said,

    thx dude...
    your the man....
    thnx 4 the sites...

    on 12/16/2008 2:46 PM

  9. Anonymous said,

    dude whats your problem ? who cares if hes arab you racist fuck. grow up you fuckin child.

    on 2/11/2009 9:15 PM

  10. Anonymous said,

    Ah ha ha, humans can be so violent and immature. You put all of us to shame, Mr. Racist.

    Oh and thanks for the proxy sites, Jason.

    on 2/12/2009 10:29 PM

  11. Anonymous said,

    This is great cause all of these sites are blocked way to go...

    on 2/19/2009 2:14 AM

  12. Abriana said,

    im in love with abriana

    on 3/13/2009 8:48 PM

  13. Anonymous said,

    hell id like to make a proxy cuz this school blocks everythin even info on plastic tubs damn....

    if ne one knows how to..hit me

    on 3/16/2009 9:34 PM

  14. Anonymous said,

    DAMMIT! Vtunnel was just working yesterday and now is blocked... How the heck do they track these sites, do they look for something in the site's source or coding to check if it's a proxy site?

    on 4/16/2009 4:08 AM

  15. Anonymous said,

    Hey Jason,

    I live in Qatar and most of the proxy sites you have listed are blocked. Kproxy and vtunnel were the only ones working but recently, kproxy stopped working because of some certificate thing. Do you have any other because vtunnel ain't the best way to go. Please do reply.

    on 7/04/2009 1:34 AM

  16. Unknown said,

    hi jason's,
    when i access blocked site's .how can i watch a video or even download it?

    on 11/04/2009 2:09 PM

  17. Anonymous said,

    eat my butthole all you faggots this school sucks cock, why cant i just go on fucking facebook its really not that big a deal. i need a legit proxy site that wont be blocked and that is reliable. this god damn hell hole blocks every fucking site!!!

    on 3/09/2010 12:21 AM

  18. Anonymous said,

    try Frostsurf.com its better then most of the ones out there

    on 3/19/2010 2:31 AM

  19. Vijay said,

    its a powerful new proxy


    1.fastest proxy
    2.frequently changing IP

    on 6/10/2010 7:31 PM

  20. aandaz said,

    Try this Hot Spot Shield download it & install it... Then relax all the work will be done by this software & u can open any of the blocked website in any of the country personally used it 100% working

    on 7/04/2010 4:45 PM

  21. Anonymous said,

    to access orkut & facebook sites (only), try changing in the url from http to https..
    e.g:"http://www.facebook.com" to

    make this change in all following web pages..

    on 7/04/2010 7:11 PM

  22. Anonymous said,

    Ok, here is the problem for us people who try to access blocked sites, especialy School kids, and even more so School kids under the NSW DET Proxy servers.

    You see, you all think that the way they block things is by getting some nerd or a number of nerds (lol ok maybe not nerds?) to sit in front of computers all day searching the web for pages that should be blocked. This is not how they do it.

    This is how they do it. Firstly, their restriction system is not a black list (choose what IS banned), its a WHITE list (choose what IS NOT banned).

    Secondly, they have a computer doing it all, just like google, searching the net, and doing a dodgy look at things to deem their appropiacy. IE if they contain proxy script, it will tag it as proxy. If it has .swf files, it will most likely tag it as games/entertainment. If it has videos, it will tag it as Entertainment. You get the point?

    Thirdly, this program creates a list of sites that need follow up by a human. Thats when a person checks this list and goes "Ok, lets look at this 'www.FishFlashGames.com' site that has been flagged." They then go to the sites that they are uncertain about, and more thoroughly look at the content, then deeming wether it should be blocked or not! Of course, they have a small blacklist containing things like facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.

    The only way to get around their proxy (yes, they use a proxy), is by somehow diging in a proxy avoidance proxy, in other words, a proxy that would be like what is suggested on this page, only its overriding the pre-existing proxy. The new one must appear to block things, but in actual fact, doesn't. This would be extremely dificult, as I have tried many times. I dont even know anyone who has access to the maintanance of the proxy server. And it would help if you actually were the person who upgrades it, etc.

    So sorry to burst everyones bubble! But it ain't happening! What your all trying to do is look for a proxy that is unblocked through the departments proxy! you need to go one step back, and look for one that works AROUND the DET proxy.

    Think about it.

    on 10/28/2010 10:14 AM