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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Contactify : It's email. Without the address :: Check it out

Contactify is an brand new application Web 2.0 service that is in it's Beta. It allows you to create a very easy “contact link” to publish on your website/blog or just about that you can give to anyone whom you don't want to reveal your real mail ID.

What contactify does is that it creates a very simple and neat Contact Us page free of cost. Check out the one I have created at : www.contactify.com/f27d0 . The coolest use is that this will reduce your SPAM count a lot!!

Contactify allows you to maintain an online presence, on blogs, forums, social networks etc., whilst always guarding your privacy. That means less chance of spam and less chance of having to reveal your email address.

Advantages :
  • Create a free contactify link.
  • Post it anywhere you like.
  • When people click on it, it takes them to a contact form.
  • Real people can contact you, spammers can't.
  • And your email address remains completely hidden.
  • And...it's totally free !
Isn't that awesome.