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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free Network Monitor Tool from Microsoft for Windows Vista

Microsoft today made available Network Monitor 3.1 Beta for download over at Connect. This beta milestone is full of new features, and the product is only waiting for testers to unveil its full potential. It is focused on the ability to monitor wireless management traffic and to create filters.

Although the tool is free but in order to access the download, users have to sign in at Microsoft Connect, and then make their way to Available Connections on the left hand side menu. Next, navigate to the Network Monitor 3 program and apply for participation. Only then will users be able to access the Network Monitor 3.1 Beta download.

  • Wireless (802.11) capturing and monitor mode on Vista - With supported hardware, (Native WIFI), you can now trace wireless management packets.
  • You can scan all channels or a subset of the ones your wireless NIC supports. You can also focus in on one specific channel.
  • It now shows the wireless metadata for normal wireless frames. This is really cool for t-shooting wireless problems.
  • You can now see signal strength and transfer speed as you walk around your house/office!
  • RAS tracing support on Vista - Now you can trace your RAS connections so you can see the traffic inside your VPN tunnel. Previously this was only available with XP.

With Network Monitor 3.1 Beta, Microsoft has streamlined the process of adding a filter, enabling users to simply right click in the frame details data element or a column field in the frame summary and create a filter from the contextual menu.