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Friday, May 04, 2007

How to add wonderful skins to your MacBook Pro & PowerBook?

Gelaskins creates some amazing laptop skins. Well, if you don't like ordinary covers, you're probably going to love the creative designs that Gelaskins has to offer for your lovely MacBook Pro or PowerBook. They're absolutely beautiful!!

There's a huge variety of covers you can choose from. First, there's Hokusai's "Great Wave of Kanagawa" (pictured), er, definitely a good choice if you're thinking to surf the web even when you’re not online. For the Nintendo nostalgics there's one made by a designer called Bob Dob, showing bored to death Super Mario twins. There's lots of oil painting "reproductions" and also some neat "digital photos".

The Laptop skins are made from high quality material (vinyl that is). All the covers come with a removable adhesive backing making them easy to remove and clean once you observe changes in their natural color. They can also be easily pilled without leaving any stains behind. Just keep them and dry!

It would've been nicer if Gelaskins allowed you to submit your own design. I'm sure somewhere down the line they will consider this option. Each skin comes in 5 different sizes, so there shouldn't be any compatibility problems. They're not really cheap at $32.95, but that's not that bad considering your laptop is actually an extension of your body.

Check out the complete gallery here.