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Monday, May 28, 2007

Investing in Gold may be the Safest Bet out there for you

I laugh at people who say don't buy gold because they haven't the slightest clue of whats going on around them.The current gold price is just like a $million on a desert island is just as good as toilet paper.

Listen now because its time to invest in gold. Let's have a look at some brief history. The year 1980 was an unusual time after the oil crisis that's the last time when gold was at its highest ever recorded price in real terms ($650 in 1980 will be $1000s? today). Now gold is at its cheapest rate and rising at almost China's growth rate.

Did you know that the USD is devaluing rapidly because not many countries around the world trust it and US owes $7-8trillion without the backing from gold or other reserves. Because the US bank has a 3X shortage of minimum gold to protect China and India's growth, gold will be bought by these countries. Even if you don't realise it, the world is even more dependent on gold nowadays.I can go on and on, but if you're are to check any other investments, besides the 1980s. Gold has been the greatest investment. That's why the very rich buy gold & silver.

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  1. Paul said,

    You are 100% correct!

    I've been telling anyone who'd listen to invest in gold for the last five years! Silver too!

    I bought a couple of gold stocks in 2001. Both stocks have gone up more than 5 times there value.
    My silver stocks have appreciated as much or more than the gold stocks. Silver is actually in shorter supply than gold due to heavy industrial demand worldwide!

    Since the G-8 nations went off the gold standard in the seventies all the world's currencies are worth less each year,i.e., reduced buying power.

    Owning gold and/or gold stocks is the only way to protect your savings long term from inflation!


    on 5/29/2007 9:12 PM

  2. Jason S said,

    That's really cool Paul.

    All the Best.


    on 5/29/2007 9:16 PM