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Monday, May 07, 2007

Microsoft to sell Ubuntu Linux via Dell

Dell had announced last week that it will make available machines preloaded with the Ubuntu 7.04 distribution of Linux. In this context, Dell will offer desktops with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04. Dell has chosen to respect customer responsibilities trading off relationships with long time partner Microsoft.

However, Dell has become the first major systems provider worldwide that has jumped on the Windows and Linux interoperability wagon put together by Microsoft and Novell. Of course that intellectual property (IP) assurance is delivered inherently with the interoperability agreement between the two platforms.

Microsoft revealed that it will sell Dell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certificates, and that the U.S. computer manufacturer has agreed to implement a services and marketing program designed to help non-Dell Linux customers transition to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Dell is the first major systems provider to align with Microsoft and Novell in this collaboration, and we intend to lead in this space. This move is a huge success for the industry and, more specifically, for customers who haven’t purchased Linux through Dell and who want to migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the IP assurance and interoperability benefits.

Dell’s embrace of the Novell-Microsoft agreement reflects a growing market reality: The two platforms of the future are Linux and Windows, and customers want them to work better together. Novell continues to grow our SUSE Linux Enterprise business because we are addressing customer needs. Dell recognizes this, and we are proud to have them as a customer and marketing partner to help spur continued adoption of SUSE Linux Enterprise.