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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Movavi VideoSuite :: You surely can't Do Much it - An Unbiased Review

I came across this scrap software called Movavi VideoSuite - which truly doesn't let you do more with your videos - as it falsely claims to be. It claims that it is more like an All-In-One tool for video capturing, editing and processing of your favorite piece of video. But it is such a waste for the money you pay - a whooping $50+.

You can get many cool FREEWARE softwares that will do the same job that MOVAVi just claims to do. And the best part of the deal is that the freeware is a freeware.

The really cool Freewares that you can find as an alternative for MOVAVi are :
  • AMV Studio 5 (Much better in performance that MOVAVi)
  • t@b ZS4 Video Editing Software is a video compositing/editing system with more than 120 built-in video effects including excellent color and chroma keying. Other features include custom output video width and height, unlimited tracks and sub-composites, custom speed and direction change for video and audio, and the ability to slave effect and compositing controls to audio wave forms.


  1. Anonymous said,


    I am Callum Haywood. I made AMV Studio. I am glad you it, its conversion methods are excellent.

    on 6/18/2007 5:36 PM

  2. Jason S said,

    Thanks for your comments and the lovely software that you have created Callum.

    Keep up the good work!!


    on 6/19/2007 12:13 AM

  3. Hello!

    I'm the guy form Movavi team. Please, can you tell me what exactly you disliked about our software. We've updated the version of VideoSuite since 2007 :-) So I can provide you with the latest version for free for more clear view. I hope you'll like our new VideoSuite!

    Best Regardz,

    on 3/31/2009 11:49 AM

  4. Jason S said,


    Can u tell me one feature in Movavi that the freewares I have listed can't do. Why on earth will someone pay money foolishly for a software that can't do as much as a freeware.

    Also, Movavi takes so much time to load and makes your system so damn slow -- Any answers???


    on 3/31/2009 12:19 PM

  5. Peter said,

    Hi All

    The link below will give you a 10% discount on Movavi Video Suite.

    You can use Coupon Code 33098BD9C6 for all Movavi products to get the discount during check out.

    on 4/29/2010 10:34 AM