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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Now you can Download Free Torrent Files Using Google

Google can help you to find free torrents and download them straight from Google without having to find alternative sources.

The torrent is quite a useful way to download anything because it doesn't need a stand-alone server as the files are transferred between users. Basically, the files are stored on a user's computer and then sent to another system using a simple .torrent file. This protocol is extremely useful and fast as it is able to download a huge file on multiple segments from several users in the same time.

We have many companies that are trying to release their products in the torrent format because they don't have a stable server or they want to allow users to download the product with full speed.

Google has several operators that allow users to search for a certain type of information or extension. "Filetype" was especially designed to help you find a specified extension, including .torrent. So, if you want to download anything from Google through the torrent protocol, you should type the following command in the search box:

filetype:torrent what you want to download

The term "what you want to download" must be replaced with the name of the file you're looking for. Google will search the Internet for information and, if it available, it returns the torrent file that must be opened with your client to start the download. So, if you want to search for the Opera browser, you should type the following command:

filetype:torrent firefox


  1. Anonymous said,

    Search multiple torrent sites witnih one site

    on 10/31/2007 7:09 AM