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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Orkut leads to the Murder of a young girl in India

Today I received the news from one of my friends that the popular Social Networking website - Orkut lead to the murder of a young girl in Mumbai, India.

A girl and a guy met in orkut. Usual stuff. They talked with each other, became trusted friends - again usual stuff. Wrote testimonials for one another - again usual stuff.

But wait that's not all. This Guy then asked the Girl to meet him. And she did. But that was the first and the last meeting.

She was found dead in the hotel room. The guy killed her.

The murder has taken place about a week or so ago. It's very disturbing to read the scraps in the victim and murderer's pages.

As much as technology helps us in our everyday's life - it also leads to this kind of misuse.

The entire story can be found at the following popular Mumbai Newspaper - Mumbai Mirror.

The Orkut Profile of the Victim -
Koushambi Layek.

The Orkut Profile of the Murderer - Manish Thakur

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