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Monday, May 21, 2007

Speculation that Feedburner could be purchased by Google for $100 million

I just bumped into some rumors about a possible FeedBurner acquisition by Google - The king search engines. It looks like the deal is worth approximately $100 million, but there is no official statement from either FeedBurner nor Google. I first saw the speculation at Vecosys.

It looks more likely for Google to aquire feedburner to expand its AdSense advertising platform.Google must be planning to distribute advertisements through the RSS feeds because most of the Internet users are currently registered for feed, avoiding to visit the blog or the website, resulting in a loss of traffic for Google's ads.

If Google aquires FeedBurner then it'll plan to insert ads straight into the feed and obtain a boost of traffic without having to redirect the readers on the main blog. Also I guess Google might be very interested in implementing the feed analytics solution into Google Analytics and provide more relevant information for the site owners.

It must be noted that Google recently acquired DoubleClick, an advertising company that might help it to expand the advertising solutions and the clientle list. There have also been numerous rumors from quite sometime now that Google will implement AdSense into several games, aiming to attract a different segment of users.

Only time will tell.