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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AVG Anti-Virus to be made available for Mobiles too

Anti-Virus solutions for our mobile phones has never been in greater need than now, as malicious applications have turned to this new and unprotected environment. AVG aims at this target, that needs efficient protection from the growing threats. That's really good news since I have been using AVG for my desktops and laptops for many years now.

The new AVG Mobile Security features anti-virus and SMS anti-spam to protect against unwanted messages and advertising. It also includes advanced functions such as comprehensive system settings, planning and scanning exceptions that are offered with other AVG products.

As mobile advertising is often intruding and undesired by many, AVG Mobile Security comes with anti-virus and SMS anti-spam protection. Moreover, the software is continuously updating its database through a rapid distribution system of more than 10,000 servers worldwide in order to efficiently respond to threats.

AVG Mobile Security is currently in a BETA testing process and can be downloaded from the following website after registration.