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Saturday, June 02, 2007

How to easily remove DRM from your iTunes music collection?

Many a times you may want to remove DRM from your iTunes music collection for the simple reason that you want to play the songs that you legally purchased over the internet to work in your home-thearte system or just in any other player other than your iPod and iTunes.

Here are the very very simple steps to remove the DRM easily.
  • Goto iTunes and first record all the songs you want into an audio CD. This can be done with Nero, I Tunes, or Windows Media Player.
  • Now take that CD and then rip the Audio CD back to MP3 it will then be free of DRM.
Hope this helps.

P.S: Those who have upgraded to iTunes 7.2 , donot use it to rip back to mp3. Use any other software like Nero or Windows Media Player.


  1. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for your help. We will try--here's hoping.... The new versions of iTunes continue to make listening to legal music more difficult....

    on 7/10/2007 11:49 PM