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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Microsoft Releases Surface - A whole new way of Computing

Jeff Han presented his Multi-Touch sensing work at the TED Conference 2006 and it looks like Microsoft has turned it into a product. At the All Things Digital conference Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled Microsoft Surface, the first in a new category of surface computing products from Microsoft that will “break down traditional barriers between people and technology”.

A Surface computer is able to recognize physical objects from a paintbrush to a cell phone and allows hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. Surface turns an ordinary tabletop into a dynamic surface that provides interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects.

Currently each unit of the Surface sells for US$10,000 - a huge price I must say. Let's wait and watch where this new initiative of Microsoft leads us into the future of computing truly.

Below is a video of the same. Do have a look at it and let us know if the future of computing will really be this.