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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New look for the Most Authoritative Technology Blog

I have got a whole host of suggestions from fellow bloggers', friends and my beloved readers about the design of this site. Though I've integrated some changes along the way like changing the Banner, adding bookmark icons below the post - but there hasn't been any major change done to the basic design of the site.

Well, that's all until now - I have embarked on a new task of getting a Fresh and Simple look to this site. So I have just created a Beta Website on Blogger to be my small little playground. The Beta site is located at http://jsbibeta.blogspot.com (Didn't I say I love being professional).

Although there is NO fixed time-line by when the Beta site will be ready and the design can be incorporated to the main site here. But I would expect a time-line from a couple of days to about a month or two. Meanwhile, please do check the beta site and pour in your comments and suggestions on how I can make things better for you to enjoy this site more.

Some of the aspects I wish to incorporate in the new design are:

  • Simple and Lucid Design.
  • Faster Site loading.
  • Easier Navigation.

As always I look forward for your valuable thoughts and suggestion - as at the end of the day , you will benefit more than I do.

Looks like too many personal posts than the usual technology stuff in the last few days. Rest assured - We will be back in the technology drive as usual going forward from now on - so Strap On!!


  1. Anonymous said,

    hey jason,
    the layout of this thing breaks in firefox. The text looks cluttered and the images are not in place. Loks alright in IE though. try it with other browsers. My suggestion would be to go for a simple yet layout strong template for your blog. See mine for example, there are hardly any images but still the layout sticks and maintains its integrity across browsers. To test out your layout i suggest using this service called http://browsershots.org/ they give you screenshots of your site in many different browsers. have fun and keep writing.

    on 6/07/2007 11:16 AM

  2. Jason S said,

    Hi Ritesh,

    Thanks for the feedback - Please do give your feedback as the site progresses in development.

    Yes. I did notice that the page was breaking after I inserted some code. I will be correcting it as and when I start working on the site again :)

    Right now I've been busy with my day job and didn't find much time to update it.

    I was knowing about browsershots - But was lazy to test it now. Thought of testing once a major part of the site design is completed.

    Thanks again.


    on 6/07/2007 4:37 PM