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Friday, June 01, 2007

New Research confirms Gum Diseases could lead to Diabetes or Heart Attack

New Research has confirmed that untreated Gum Diseases could lead to Diabetes or Heart Attack. I was reading about this - this morning in my local newspaper[TOI] and thought of informing the same here to help enlighten you too.

A very simple and most neglected gum disease can become for one's health life-or-death situation, triggering even diabetes or heart attack. it's like if you had an infection in your finger and you left it, it eventually would affect the rest of the body. It's the same with your mouth and the gums.

"When you're looking at people who have gum disease, they are suffering from a chronic low-grade infection. Your whole body is a little bit compromised." says charles brown dds pc.

Taking into account the fact that such a large part of the World's population suffers from gum diseases, dental experts advise all individuals to be very careful about their oral hygiene and health. Because it may bring about appalling health problems and conditions, such as: blood infection, diabetes, heart disease and even heart attack or stroke - which is very alarming.

Research also suggests that an untreated gum disease in the oral cavity of a pregnant woman may be very harmful for the unborn baby, resulting in a low birth-weight infant.


  1. This was an informative post. Gum diseases can also cause serious problems with brain function specially if inflammation occurs. thanks for sharing info by the way! keep on posting, i'll stay tuned.

    on 11/17/2009 12:39 PM

  2. I completely agree with this. Seriously, the mouth is a breeding ground for disease, and the health of your mouth affects the rest of your body. Oral bacteria provoke inflammation which increases levels of white blood cells and a certain protein called C-reactive protein (CRP). This protein is found in the blood and linked to heart disease. diabetes, stroke, etc.

    - Shane

    on 1/29/2010 12:09 PM