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Friday, June 15, 2007

Windows Home Server RC1 Released with a Bounty of $50,000

Windows Home Server (WHS) Release Candidate 1, as this build is known has been finally released and is said to offer a number of improvements over previous betas. This is Microsoft's latest iteration of Windows designed for sharing media and linking together multiple computers in a home network. A 30-day trial download is now available at Microsoft's website.

With one-terabyte drives now in the consumer market, it really makes sense for a WHS box to drive five terabytes of storage in your home network. So all those Media junkies and Music Collector's this is gonna be a stepping stone to manage and stream them across your homes easily.

WHS is essentially a Windows Server 2003 under the hood, with new services including one that pools multiple hard drive spaces together as an easier-to-manage partition, and browser-based management software. A final release of WHS can now be expected shortly since it has reached RC1 Stage.

Now how you can Bag the $50,000 bounty?
Download Windows Home Server right away and head over to Code2Fame Challenge and create some cool WHS add-ins that'll net you a portion of the $50,000 prize package. All the Best!!