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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yahoo Photos Alternatives : Transition before it shuts in September

The deadline for the Final Transition from Yahoo Photos to the new Flickr starts from today. Sometime back Yahoo had announced the closure of Yahoo Photos and all the users were being forced to upload their photos onto Flickr. Yahoo Photos has now put up a date that it is closing on September 20, 2007. This is what the official notice reads...
We're sorry. Yahoo! Photos is closing on September 20, 2007 so we are no longer accepting new accounts or allowing users to upload photos if you don't already have photos in your account. We've decided to focus all our efforts on Flickr - the award winning photo sharing community that Time Magazine has even called "completely addictive".
But if you don’t intend to move your photos to Flickr, you have several other options where you can easily store all those beautiful images online. You can upload them on Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish and Photobucket, which do offer similar services and also the same functions.

You do have another choice of downloading the entire collection but, as far I can see, it is quite difficult because you're forced to download only one photo at a time, which means you have to spend a lot of time incase you have a huge collection. Moreover, you can buy an archive CD with all the photos published in your Yahoo Photos account - But that's gonna set you back by $6.95 for 700Mb of photos.


  1. Anonymous said,

    There is another way to get your entire collection of full-size images back. Set up a new account at Phanfare (www.phanfare.com/yahoo) and all your images will be moved over. You can then download all of them fro m your Phanfare account. Plus, with Phanfare you can add videos to your collected and view your photos in an amazing full-screen slideshow. Plus, Yahoo!Photos customers get 6 months free to try out Phanfare.

    on 6/14/2007 5:27 PM

  2. Jason S said,

    Thanks for the tip Matt!!

    Yes. As you said it is easy to move the pictures :)


    on 6/14/2007 9:10 PM