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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

50 million FREE iTunes songs : Courtesy Starbucks Giveaways

Starbucks recently has announced a new plan to give away about 50 million songs Absolutely FREE from Apple iTunes library as part of a promotion to drum up interest in its wireless music service that will debut very soon.

The offer is valid from October 2nd only at Seattle and New York locations and in slated to be available in San Francisco later during November.

Here's how you can make use of this offer. When at Starbucks browse over to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. Then you will be able to view and also download the currently playing song(at Starbucks) as well as the last ten played songs Absolutely Free.

Also, there is news that 1.5 million music cards will be given out each and every day in all of Starbuck's 10,000+ US stores from October 2 through November 7. Each Music Card will allow the customer to download a special "Song of the Day" at no cost from iTunes.

There is also information that the artists who will be featured will include :
  • Paul McCartney and Joni Mitchell (Hear Music artists),
  • Dave Matthews
  • Annie Lennox
  • John Mayer.
Also, the first song that will feature as Song Of the Day will be "Joker Man" by Bob Dylan, and a new song will be given away each day.