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Thursday, September 20, 2007

How to easily Move or Copy Files at Will in Windows

Intuitively, when you drag a file from one place to another, it would seem reasonable that the file will be moved, not copied. That is, when you see an object disappear from a location, it shouldn't still be there next time you look.

One of the worst inconsistencies in Windows is what actually happens to files when they're dragged. Dragging from one place to another on the same disk ends up moving the files, while dragging from one disk to another copies them.

If you're just dragging EXE files, a shortcut is created, and the file is neither copied nor moved. To cope with this, follow the following instructions:
  • To copy a file under any situation, hold the Ctrl key while dragging.
  • To move a file under any situation, hold the Shift key while dragging .
  • To choose what happens to dragged files, drag them with the right mouse-button, and a menu will appear when the files are dropped