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Friday, October 05, 2007

Samsung FPT5084 Television and its Competitors

Which television is better clearly depends on your needs. The latest offering is called the FPT5084 from the Samsung stable. It is a full HD 1080p Television and has an anti glare screen so if you have alot of windows or lights on when you watch TV they will not effect the picture.

It's special screen uses glass to absorb lots of glare. Its Ultra FilterBright anti-reflection filter is one light bulb that shines onto a color wheel with mirrors to give you your picture. When the signal goes into the gas the millions of bubbles light up according the the signal and heat. Single bubbles can and will burn out after time.

That is why you hear the word image burn. When one image is left on the television for an extended period of time the gas bubbles producing that picture can overheat and burn up. If you are just watching tv and movie watcher Plasmas are great depending on the brand. The Samsung FPT5084 and many other brands like Pioneer , Sony Bravia can be reviewed here - They have a wonderful collection and side by side reviews with prices and specs across brands and technologies.