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Monday, February 18, 2008

How to easily burn a .bin / .cue / SVCD using Nero?

This morning my good friend and a regular reader of this Blog - Asif asked me how he could burn a .bin image to a CD and I went ahead explaining it - he was successful in getting the .bin burned into a CD.

Well, this post is mainly for the folks out there that seem to have constant problems burning a .bin / .cue / SVCD disk. Well, actually this post is more designed to provide a foolproof way to burn a SVCD to a disk that even the newest person can understand - but it equally works fine for those folks with other extensions like .bin or .cue.

So you must be having a disk copy program. By that I am referring to one of the many simple disk to disk programs available like Nero, cdrwin, clonecd, etc. They are the best tried softwares when it comes to copying one disk to another, however, sometimes they, or the user, might have problems when attempting the direct burn of a cue/bin to disk. So we will use the straight disk copy portion of one of these programs, along with Daemon tools to do a straight copy of the disk.

Get Daemon Tools and install it from here:

This basic tool, along with WinDvd or PowerDVD, is a MUST have for ANYBODY that does SVCDs.

Daemon Tools creates a "virtual" cdrom on your PC. This new drive is available to Windows just as if it were a physical disk drive.

Daemon Tools along windvd or powerdvd, should always be used to preview your disk image(only for SVCD) before you attempt to burn a disk.

Here's how you can load your .bin / .cue / SVCD file into Daemon tools easily.
  1. Right click on the icon Daemon tools installs in your tray.
  2. Select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM > Device > mount image and choose your (.bin / cue) file from the file selector .
  3. At this stage it is as if you had inserted a properly burned SVCD in a physical drive. You can use WinDvd or, most of the time, the latest PowerDVD (old ones won't work), to preview the disk.

Now just run Nero, or whatever disk copy tool you have, and select a standard disk copy with the virtual drive as your source(the daemon tools created CD Rom drive) and the burner as your destination. Burn the CD.

That's it - you have now burned successfully a .bin / .cue / SVCD file so easily.