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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Viruses are out already

Though we have still one more day left for Valentine's Day - the Valentine's Viruses are already fast propagating as usual and most of them are especially from China.

Most of the Valentine's Day viruses spread through emails and on-line chat services and off late even using social networking sites like Orkut and myspace.

There is a special warning against a Valentine's Day virus named "Vbs.Valentin.A", which comes as an attachment under the guise of Valentine's blessings for Feb 14 - so better watch out for this monster(hopefully in your Spam Box). Some of the other viruses to watch out for this season include "Worm-blebla.B" and "VBS-ILoveyou".

As precaution you must exercise utmost care when opening unsolicited emails exspecially those with Spanish characters. Also, those who love Internet shopping must take care against clicking on fake discount messages from online stores which usually aids in the spreading of more such viruses.

Wish you all a very happy and virus-free Valentine's Day.

P.S: Update your anti-virus softwares and use real-time computer virus monitoring functions while surfing the Internet.