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Friday, March 28, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Available online for Free

Adobe - the makers of Photoshop (the makers of the most popular photo-editing software) yesterday launched a basic version of Photoshop available completely online for FREE. It is called by the name Photoshop Express - I guess they got the inspiration from the free set of programming tools from Microsoft also called as Express(btw, I really love the Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express Edition).

Photoshop Express will be completely online solution so registered users can use it from any type of computer, operating system and browser. Also, in it's current Beta stage it offers a staggering 2GB of disk space to store your photos online.

I did play around a bit with it last night and found it very cool. But I still love the Photoshop CS3 locally installed on my machine - coz I use it for many professional uses and use layers, text elements, custom drawings, etc which currently can't be done on the online version.

The other cool thing that I noticed on the online version of Photoshop Express was with the option to mail a photo to anyone(very intuitive). Also, it gives a direct url to access the image - I guess this feature will save a lot of bandwidth for those who host images on their servers.

But Adobe has entered the scene very late, there are already some big names in the internet who have a profitable business like the 9-year-old Shutterfly, also photo-editing service Picnik or image-sharing site Photobucket. I guess this attempt is for Adobe to showcase itself that it is very much in the online business like the big players Google and Microsoft who have a host of tools available online.

Here's what I did, click here to download the modified image as a wallpaper.

Modified on Photoshop Express