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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to easily remove Windows XP from the Boot Menu - Have only Windows Vista

Some of you might be very satisfied with Windows Vista and would like to remove Windows XP for good. Also, remove Windows XP from the Boot options. Then follow these simple steps:

1. Boot into Vista and delete following 3 folders from C: drive:
  • Program Files
  • Documents and Settings
  • Windows

2. Open System properties and click on "Advanced System Settings". Click on "Settings" button in "Startup and recovery" section and disable "Time to display list of operating systems" checkbox. Make sure Windows Vista is selected in "Default Operating System" drop down box. Apply it.

Thats all that you need to completely remove Windows XP from your system.

You can also follow this alternate method:

1. Format C: drive and then boot using Vista Setup DVD and select Boot Repair option. It'll re-write Vista boot loader.

Also, I'll not advise you to merge both partitions cause(assuming) your Vista is installed on D: drive and when you'll merge both partitions, D: will become C: drive and Vista might give errors while starting. So don't go for the merge option. I'll write a separate article later on how you can re-claim the partition into Vista.