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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Factors to consider when selecting a Web Host!!

If you intend to create a few websites online, then you can think of considering purchasing an account with a Web Hosting service. Well, I would like to point out to a few factors that you need to consider before you really sign-up for an account.

1) It is reputable and reliable web hosting company?
2) Is their Customer Support is good/excellent - read reviews by visiting the forums.
3) Do you get a FREE DOMAIN - most packages now come with a free domain (your own .com / .info).
4) How big of a webspace do you get. Most offer 1500 GB or above, but do you really need that much?
5) You need a lot of bandwidth or data transfer - 15000 GB or above. The bandwidth gets used when a user visits your website or downloads a content from your site.
6) Is the web host really AFFORDABLE and cheap - when compared to the competetion?
7) Can you host unlimited domains, and also create unlimited websites under one account
8) Does it have an option for Automatic installation of scripts, Fantastico , install blogs(like wordPress) or forums in seconds.
9) Does the web host have the latest php, mysql, python, shopping cart script in place.
10) Do they also include a FREE SITE BUILDER with which you create your very first websites quickly in minutes.

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