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Monday, August 11, 2008

Bangalore's most used languages : C, C++ and Kannada - Really

Is it true that the most widely used languages in Bangalore are C, C++ and Kannada? Well, I think even C# and Java is used for a better extend. So don't be surprised if the waiter at the hotel chants a few lines of C++ while serving the piping hot coffee. Jokes apart - I was referring to a new Ad campaign started by DNA - Daily New and Analysis, an english daily that has presense in most North cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, etc. Well, DNA has started an all out Ad campaign in Bangalore's 3000+ hoardings and one of them read as follows "Bangalore's most commonly used languages C, C++ and Kannada. I believe in Bangalore".

On seeing this hoarding I was really taken aback to think - is it really true? The garden city of Bangalore has slowly transformed into a concrete jungle - so have the languages changed too ? Maybe 5yrs from now, I will have a touch screen at my local restaurant to order the dishes I need - coz all the manager will grumble saying that all the waiters he employed learned C , C++ or even C# and jumped into an IT career. Well, I am not sure if that would be really true - but time will tell.

As for Bangalore and DNA - I doubt we don't have room for another daily in the already over-crowded shores of Bangalore. At my place we already have twin daily's landing at home daily and don't think a third one can make an entry without replacing one of them. As far as I see the English daily market in Bangalore - Times Of India has the dominance - and sure it should since the quality of the news and coverage is simply superb.

I for once feel that DNA will replace the market share of Deccan Herald or the newly launched Deccan Chronicle.