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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feed migration from FeedBurner to Google Feeds

As you maybe aware, the RSS feeds on this site are handled by FeedBurner from a long time now. A couple of months ago Google purchased FeedBurner and has begun to fully integrate the service into the mainstream Google Apps. Hence, I had an option to migrate into the newly created Google Feeds.

The migration of RSS feeds from FeedBurner to Google Feeds has been happening for this blog from the last couple of days. The folks at Google had communicated to me this morning that the migration was complete, but would take upto 24hrs for everything to be up and running. The new RSS feed for this blog is located at http://feedproxy.google.com/jsbi ,so the old FeedBurner url may retard gradually.

But looks like there are already a couple of issues after the migration like the ones I have listed below:

Updates via E-mail: I know that there is a sizeable number of folks who receive updates on this Blog via e-mail and it seems they may be facing small glitches. It seems that the FROM field of the mail isn't getting set properly by Google Feeds and it comes as Unknown. This may result in the e-mails being marked as SPAM by your mail server or the mail client. I will be taking up this matter with Google and hope this will be resolved soon. Till, then if you miss on the updates please head over to the website.

FeedCount : This is the number that comes up below the Orange RSS icon. The image is provided at runtime by FeedBurner indicating the number of people hooked onto to the site via RSS Feeds. This number has been pretty healthy for a long time now. But suddenly there was a drastic fall in that number during the migration period and it seems to have been re-enforced back but to a lower number. I am not very sure if some of the reader's via RSS have been lost in the migration process or it was simply a technical glitch and things will be fine soon.

Also, there was a small line reading as "BY FEEDBURNER" below the numbers, which has been grayed out now. I guess it's gonna be changed to something like "BY GOOGLE FEEDS".

If any of you are facing any other issues, please keep me updated so that we can try to resolve the same at the earliest. Also, if you faced any migration issues during this period - let me know - I would be happy to hear.