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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Organize your Movie Collection easily with Movie Label 2009

With the advent of affordable DVDs, Hard Disk Drives and portable Hard Disks - most of us have a huge movie collection with us. I have already amassed several hundred GB of movies myself.

Here's the solution get hold of Movie Label 2009 which easily helps you organize your movie collection. The information about each movie is indexed automatically, using the online IMDB movie database. It also adds images for your DVD, Blu-ray and VHS covers are retrieved from Amazon.

Movie Label also helps one keep track of loans and future purchases - so you can keep track of which buddy has which movie of yours. Traditional media such as DVD and VHS, and advanced digital media such as DivX are also supported.

Movie Label also comes with an in-build client and server database engine that ensures stability and speed no matter the database size - so amass a entire collection, yet you have optimum speeds. It also comes with a number of pre-defined reports and a report designer enables you to print your collection information in a variety of ways. You can also export your data to HTML, XML, Excel, and text. Movie Label is NOT a freeware but you can give it a try none the less.

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