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Monday, August 25, 2008

Top 10 Best Applications for your iPhone 3G in India

The apple iPhone 3G was unveiled in India recently and there has been a lot of reviews in print / television / web about the new gadget of the town. I felt this was the right time to write a small article about the 10 Best Applications you ought to have in your iPhone 3G.

Do let me know if I have missed any of your favorite iPhone apps that should have made it to this list.

This is a must have iphone app for all the geeks out there who spend considerable time on the Twitter Social Network. Twitterrific easily lets you post, reply and read the tweets on Twitter. Twitterrific also includes an in-build mini browser for showing links and also offers easy access to user profiles on Twitter.

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2.Remember The Milk
Just keeping track of everything you have to do any given day can be simply a very difficult task. Luckily for all of us, we had an online app called Rememberthemilk.com - now the same online task manager is available as an easy to use iPhone app too. As soon as you add a task, you’ll be able to get reminders to your email, your iPhone, or your instant messaging account. This allows you to organize your tasks in a way that makes getting them done easy.

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3.RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles Plus
This cool iPhone app provides Remote Desktop for Mobiles. You can connect and have complete access to your remote PC from anywhere in the globe. It also allows you to use the iPhone or iPodTouch to conveniently manage your email, files, programs and network resources.
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4.Apple Reader
If you want RSS feeds right into your iPhone, Apple’s got the right app for you. Just point your browser to any RSS feed (like this) and you’ll get all the info downloaded in a jiffy into your RSS reader. But the problem seems to be in remembering the locations/url of the feeds, but again you have your Favourites list in there to help you.

5. iZoho
The iPhone as you all know by now, doesn't have an in-build app to do document editing. So installing the iZoho is the right choice. Zoho is one of the best office suites on the web and is a competitor to Google Docs. It is also being used by more businesses everyday. Docs/spreadsheets/presentations on iPhone - the only solution seems to be iZoho.
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6. Pedometer
Pedometer is a very simple app that makes best use of the accelerometers of your iPhone/iPod Touch and churns that data with complex mathematical algorithms (using US Army calculations) to calculate the steps you take whether you're walking, jogging or running. Pedometer will also calculate the number of calories you have burnt in a day. It uses a simple interface which has been carefully designed and colored in order for the user to understand it at a glance during motion. Now do you need a costly Garmin?

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7. a2z Convert
a2z Convert is one of the swiss-knife applications for your iPhone. Its got almost all of the conversion utilities packed into a single intutive app. It supports 58 units in total from 11 categories. It allows you to convert units from the following
Angle, Area, Distance, Energy, Length, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume and Weight.
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8. Avalanche
Avalanche is a simple but a very addictive iPhone puzzle game. The goal of the game is very simple - get rid the screen of all of the blocks by picking 3 or more connected blocks of the same color. Faster decisions give you more points - it's good time killer.
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9.Edovia Linguo
Edovia's Linguo is a pocket translator for your iPhone. Linguo is the essential utility that you can rely on when on a business trip and holiday abroad. This application not only enables you to translate your own sentences but also to listen to more than 300 frequently used audio clips in English, German, Spanish and Italian. Linguo supports 17 languages: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish.
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10. HyperOffice
HyperOffice is an app that'll transform your iPhone into a business and productivity tool. It's lets you access your Outlook mail, contacts, calendars and tasks right from your iPhone and also share them with your colleagues on the move. In addition you can also view and share your documents right on your iPhone.

So, that was the very comprehensive list of the Best 10 apps for iphone. If there are any other apps out there that you feel should have an entry into this list - do let me know.


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  2. Anonymous said,

    We released a new app call Inner Circle this month that allows you to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your friends and family. You can find out more about it at our website http://www.512apps.com and our iTunes Store link http://itunes.apple.com/app/inner-circle/id336572662?mt=8.

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  3. Hi! Apple approved today (04/07) the OrkUp app - a photo uploader for Orkut. I know that India, just like Brazil and USA, is a big fan o Orkut. So just take a look and I'm pretty sure you will want to add OrkUp to this list. ;) Regards!

    on 4/08/2010 10:07 AM